Consulting Services
We provide world class, comprehensive knowledge, backed by decades of global experience. From advisory services, to quantitative support, to working with regulators, we can help.
Our consultants have held executive positions in major banks around the world and can help your institution develop strategic risk governance policies, tactical activities such as data architecture, model development and validation, regulator interactions, accreditation, etc. We also offer a unique approach to providing ongoing monitoring and validation as a service.

Credit and Market Risk Modeling
We can help you with PD, LGD, EAD and market risk models at all stages of the model lifecycle.
AI and Machine Learning
Our decades of practical expertise can help you realize the potential machine learning offers to risk managers.
Monitoring and Validation
We can do your model bookkeeping and keep your models current so you can free your staff's creativity.
Stress Testing
Whether internal or regulatory, we can take care of stress testing for you, and lower its cost.
Operational Risk
See how artificial intelligence can deliver real-time detection of anomalies, security and policy breaches.
Data and Technology
Our experts can solve the toughest data and systems challenges in support of risk management.

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