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A comprehensive risk management architecture that effortlessly integrates with existing systems.
Regulatory compliance need not be overhead, but a by-product of a well-designed risk management framework
Data integrated from many sources and intelligently analyzed lets any manager explore their own Risk Cockpit.
Seamlessly integrating risk management and operations reduces go-to-market time by months or years.
Charts aren't enough to understand risks. You must run simulations that answer "If this happens now, what will happen in the future?".
Risks evolve not when individual factors are stressed, but when systems are. To manage risks, model the systems.

Risk Model
versioning and


Risk Cockpits
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Loan Origination

Stress testing
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LGD Modeling &
Data Acquisition
Why RFM is the right risk architecture for financial institutions.
The RFM story.
Quantitative and advisory consulting.
Every financial institution’s health depends on its ability to manage risk to high precision. Indeed, failure to control risk has relegated many once-venerable companies to the history books. But managing risk is a complex mixture of both science and art... Read more
RFM's mission is to transform risk management from the ad hoc, expensive, time-consuming collection of measures as often implemented today, to a low-cost, streamlined, simple, (and possibly out-sourced) standardized set of practices supported by advanced technology tools... Read more
RFM's risk management consultants are among the world's most knowledgeable and distinguished. With decades of experience at all levels of major financial institutions, including executive/the board, our experts can help develop, validate, or stress-test models, manage regulatory issues, chart the course to accreditation... Read more
What our customers say...
BOQ was embarking on a significant improvement in its credit risk management approach requiring a major overhaul of its entire credit risk management framework...
...Dr Stavrou’s RFM team were engaged to provide support and rapidly proved their system capability by configuring and installing a complex LGD data capture system in a matter of a few weeks. The system was highly usable, performed flawlessly for users distributed in multiple national locations, and provided the foundations for our most accurate LGD models to date.
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Christopher Peters
Head of Credit Risk Analytics &
Basel Credit Program
Bank of Queensland
Risk Framework Manager

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